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David Livesley consultant

David Livesley – Director and Consultant

David Livesley is a consultant who works through Ottery Consulting, which he set up to help clients manage complex transitions. David has been leading organisational development and change projects, including

  • acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures
  • turnaround
  • strategic planning and
  • transformation and transition projects

for many years. He was previously Acquisitions and Divestments Director at AEA Technology, Business Transformation Director at Crossrail and Transition Director at the Francis Crick Institute.

David thrives on delivering complex and multidisciplinary strategic projects. At the same time, he is skilled at retaining the goodwill of stakeholders and reconciling the very difficult ambiguities and issues that lie at the heart of change and transformation. Working across all company functions, he has brought clarity, simplicity and cross-organisation agreement to the planning and implementation of a wide variety of projects, including establishing effective internal governance, developing strategy for stakeholder engagement, integration planning, leading the commercial strategy for a turnaround, and buying and selling companies.

David is a government-accredited High Risk Gateway Reviewer.

View David’s LinkedIn profile here.

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Who do we work for?

We work across multiple sectors, as the effective management of transitions is sector-blind. However, most of our work is in organisations which

  • are public sector or close to the public-private sector interface
  • depend on engineering or science in some way
  • have little experience of delivering the transformation they need.

Frequently they also have a complex stakeholder environment, perhaps including a regulator.

Recent clients include

  • Highways England
  • Transport for London
  • BBC Monitoring
  • MTR
  • Francis Crick Institute
  • Crossrail

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