All change please!

Gone are the days when any of us could expect that things would carry on the same way for years or even decades. These days, we are all faced with the constant need to adapt and change. However, the mere fact that a change is going to happen does not mean either that your teams will simply accept it, or that it will be accomplished effectively. You need a bridge – often a long one!

Strategic changes – transformations, transitions, acquisitions, divestitures, etc. – are normally managed as projects or programmes alongside business as usual. It is very tempting to run them in-house. After all, they won’t last long, and who else has an understanding of all the unique issues?

Even if they were easy, that would be a tall order. But these are often  complex multidisciplinary projects which have impacts across all areas of the business. And you are probably under time pressure. Perhaps it is worth considering using a consultant or interim manager to help.

Your managers were fully occupied before the change project started. Is it realistic to think that they can cope with managing change as well? Change projects are time-consuming, and usually take longer than anyone expects. Even if they could, do they have the specialist skills to do so effectively? And how much value will be lost from business as usual as a result?

Making your change happen

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You are already fully stretched with the day job?
  • You don’t have people with the right skills to delegate to?
  • You don’t have the processes you need to be able to manage the project effectively?
  • Too many stakeholders wanting to have their say, creating confusion and getting in the way of delivery?
  • If anything goes wrong you won’t have the bandwidth to cope?
  • Everyone you can discuss the issues with has their own agenda?
  • Feeling there must be a better way?

Perhaps we can help.