Favourite Blog Posts – Governance

Who’s marking your homework?

How do the principles of governance apply to a Programme Board? It is important not to set up arrangements with built-in conflicts of interest.

15 principles for internal governance

15 principles for internal governance have been discussed in the last seven posts. They are listed here as a convenient summary. The full series of articles can be downloaded as a Word file here:

Governance blog – all 8

The Midas Touch – what is governance for?

The first article in a series on designing internal governance systems considers the question ‘what is governance for?’ Later posts cover design principles.

8 reasons to review your governance

If several of the statements in the article are true of your organisation, you may well benefit from reviewing your governance arrangements.

A mug’s game?

Informing Board members matters. In order for a Board (or any other body) to make good decisions, it has to be in possession of appropriate information.