What we do

We help managers to keep their organisation working effectively as they go through strategic change. We provide flexible resources, whether you need a Programme Director, consultancy support, or a one-off independent health check on your programme.

What we do

Interim Management

Projects and programmes are by their nature limited in duration. It makes sense to bring in an experienced interim who can help you run your programme, or run it on your behalf – and then go away when it is finished. Working with an independent interim manager, you stay in control: we don’t do ‘land and expand’!


You may be happy to run your programme in-house, but still have occasional needs for an impartial consultant who can offer you independent advice based on experience elsewhere, or run a workshop for you. Or perhaps there is a piece of the programme that you need some limited help with, such as stakeholder management or process design.

Readiness and Gate Reviews

Even if you are confident that you need no help to deliver the programme, an independent review of your preparations, or of progress at key points, may give confidence to your stakeholders that no significant risks have been missed, and provide you with suggestions for improvement actions.

Whatever you need, what we do is to bring the strategic thinking needed to help define the changes required and communicate them clearly. We bring the planning skills to make sure that everything stays joined up, and that all the main risks are managed effectively. And we bring the people skills to keep everyone on side. With no BAU distractions, we can focus on what you need to deliver the change, even when ‘stuff happens’. Why not allow your management team to concentrate on doing what they do best?