Favourite Blog Posts – Managing People

Performance management – Can you make the cake bigger?

A performance management interview need not be the confrontational meeting that it often becomes, but to avoid that takes courage.

Customer service – A cheesy tale

What lessons can we learn about customer service from a story about a shop that got it completely wrong?

Managing clever people

Managing clever people has some special challenges, especially in organisations (e.g. universities) where they are a large percentage of the staff.

Celebrate failure!

You can’t stop failure hurting, but instead of adding to the hurt, celebrate failure for the courage, the effort, and the learning involved.

Singing for your supper: How we learn

There are rarely short cuts to learn a new skill. It can take a long time and demand much perseverance, and it doesn’t work if the timing isn’t right.

The law of unintended consequences strikes again!

Recognition is nice for the people who get recognised, but that is only a minority. It is hard to avoid unintended consequences from everyone else.